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Friday, May 27, 2011

Clear Lake: Haskin's Cottages

Haskin's Cottages once stood on Clear Lake. Our file provides little information on them, although they were evidently run by Thomas Haskins, apparently an Ojibwe man, and perhaps also by the Devine family, who appear to have been related by the marriage of Kate Haskins to Dan Devine, if the photos below tell the right story.. Of this tangled tree, we have (at present) only this intriguing, if tragic, glimmer from an interview with Cal La Porte (February 2010):
Thomas Haskins was [a Native American] and owner of property.

Thomas and Dan Devine were out hunting one day. They met each other on Hwy. K and talked. Suddenly, from nowhere, a shot rang out from the distance and Dan dropped [to the ground]. He died of the gunshot wound.

No one found the killer, and the shooting was thought to have been done on purpose, because of jealousy. Dan was in his 40s.
Why would someone have been jealous of Dan Devine? Who was the murderer? How did Thomas Haskins react? Why and how did all of this happen?

These questions are lost to the murk of time... let your imaginations fill the void, until and unless further answers are forthcoming.

From left: Susan Perkins (Ken Perkin's mother), Mrs. Mockley (guest at Moody's), Mrs. Don (Kate) Devine, Mrs. Snow (Kate's cousin), Mr. John Perkins (laying on ground, Ken's dad), Tom Lynch (Kate Devine's second husband), Mr. Tom Devine (Dan's brother) -- North side of Clear Lake (Boulder Junction township)
Devine Family: From left, Tom Devine, Susan Perkins, Mr. Mockley, Mrs. Dan Devine (Kate), Mrs. Snow, Tom Lynch, John Perkins

Devine House, Clear Lake
According to a note on the photo's back, this is the second house of the Don Devine family, built not long after he died, 1901 or 1902 on the northern shore of Clear Lake (Boulder Junction township.)

Thought to be Paul Devine on left, other man unknown (Joe Ilg, Sr. picture taken after 1891)

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