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Friday, May 13, 2011

Chick with Gun

"Want a guide? Visit Little Bohemia, Manitowish, Wis."
Your typical Northwoods guide service from back in the day. I'm sure you would have gotten this lady and not a scruffy bearded fellow in plaid wool.

Its message requires no interpretation.

Not actually sure what publication this appeared in, as all I have is a photocopy in a binder, but it appears to be an ad from Little Bohemia. As shell-seekers (not the sea type) continually remind us, "Little Bo" is infamous for hosting John Dillinger and his gang while they were on the run. A shoot-out between Dillinger and the FBI also took place there -- a scene which has since been immortalized by the Johnny Depp movie Public Enemies, in which the "northern Wisconsin" scenery looks suspiciously like central Wisconsin. However, locals are happy to remind us that filming did actually take place on location at Little Bo, and Mr. Depp was indeed on set.

Interested visitors can visit Little Bo and observe authentic gunfire marks in the walls, as well as an authentic photo of Johnny Depp. (It is difficult to tell which has the greater appeal.) The resort is about one mile south of the library, on the left hand side of the road as you are driving north. There is a sign: "Little Bohemia" and a mention of the Dillinger Gang's Hide-Out.

Maybe Chick with Gun was thinking of them as she posed for her somewhat misleading picture...

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