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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Williamson's Stonelake Cottages

Now Tellefson's Lor-wood Resort, owned and operated by our own Annette Tellefson, the story of Williamson's Stonelake Cottages is another iconic chapter in the history of Manitowish Waters. Read on for Janelle Kohl's November 11, 2010, interview with Annette.

Merlin and Evelyn Peterson bought the resort in 1956. The Peterson's had owned a summer cabin on Little Star Lake in Manitowish Waters before buying Williamson's Stonelake Cottages.

The resort had seven cottages and one main house. There were no bathrooms, just cold running water in the cabins. But after purchasing the property, the Petersons quickly updated the cabins with indoor plumbing and hot water.

Cabins were rented for 10 weeks in the summer, and that would be a good year. No activities were planned for visitors because most of them came to fish. Merlin Peterson was not a guide. Some of the resort owners were seasonal and returned to their winter homes in the fall, returning before the opening of fishing season. Boats were provided with the cabins.

Evelyn provided all but kitchen and bath towels for the visitors. A phone was in the main house; none were in the cabins.

In 1965, on May 30, Merlin Peterson died. His wife Evelyn continued to run the resort. In 1973, daughter Annette Tellefson became the new owner. Since then, all but three cabins have been sold, and the main house was torn down so that a new residence could be built.

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