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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"tuning in" at the library

air conditioning, plus...
Visit the library for the latest in summer extravaganza: air conditioning and Mozart! Plus books, movies and more.

As I have recently finished reading Don Campbell's The Mozart Effect, not to mention recently returned from a week studying therapeutic harp playing, it seemed appropriate to integrate what I have learned from these experiences. In The Mozart Effect, Campbell found that businesses and individuals who listened to Mozart (or Bach or some equally "structured" music) found a leap in productivity and reasoning skills. (Other music produces different effects.)

To whit, we have introduced Mozart behind the library's front desk. Already I (Callie) am inclined to spring about, pixie-like. Not that this is anything particularly unusual, mind you.
...Mozart, equals...

Campbell further found that individuals who took "music breaks" for about 20 minutes each day found themselves more refreshed and invigorated. So when you are suffering from that post-lunch "afternoon slump," pop on your iPod.

But let me add a caveat that rock music has mixed effects -- although it can initially raise the adrenaline levels, after a time it has been shown to grate on the system. You may notice more effects from instrumental music, particularly Classical. Try a bit of Baroque, some Impressionist, some New Age... see what you like and adjust accordingly. After all, if you don't like it, it's not going to do much good no matter what the experts say!

Let this also exist as a comparison to the dentist's office, where I went yesterday for my six-month teeth cleaning. (No cavities, thanks for asking.) There, they played a stream of Oldies on the radio. Although I'm sure the staff get some enjoyment out of Bruce Springsteen, not to mention the weather forecast, they would probably find that patients experience less discomfort and require smaller doses of anesthetic if they put on some very mellow, relaxing music. Personally, I find that when I'm in the dentist's chair with someone scraping on my teeth, Bruce (though enjoyable under other circumstances) causes my muscles to tighten and makes me want to clench my jaw.

....Ecstasy! (by Maxfield Parrish)
And now that we have finished a blog post entirely unrelated to the history of Manitowish Waters, go on your way -- with music!!

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